Jim Bakker Food Storage Bucket Review and Info

Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker

Jim and Lori Bakker

As we have previously written on FSR, we’re aware that the Jim Bakker show (jimbakkershow.com) has been selling emergency food storage for quite some time now. After a quick look around, it seems Jim and Lori Bakker are offering Food For Health food buckets as well as Humless (now Lion Energy) generators. The food is sold under the brand name Old Mill Inn and is the same thing as the Food For Health 200 Serving Bucket*. The Humless generators are sold with the description fuel-less generator.

We have a high opinion of Jim Bakker and are always glad to see people make a change in their lives. And we think it’s great he is championing emergency preparedness products. If you have personal reasons for supporting Jim Bakker, then by all means, continue to buy these products from his store.

Should I Buy Jim Bakker Food Storage?


Jim Bakker Food Storage is Food for HealthBut, if you are looking for a better deal for the exact same emergency items, you can buy them from us. For example, the Food For Health 200 Serving Bucket, which Jim Bakker sells for $150 plus $20+ shipping, is available at Food Storage Reviewer for $107.99 with $10 flat rate shipping. That’s a savings of 36%. Read Our Review >>

If you want to save even more, you can buy the Food For Health 1,000 Serving Bucket (simply five of the 200 serving buckets) for $499.95 You would pay $750 for the same thing at jimbakkershow.com. That’s a savings of 33%, and you can only get it at FSR. Read Our Review >>


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Are there other Food Storage Buckets similar to what Jim Bakker Sells?

Short answer — yes. Click below to see a few different options:

(*Note: We’ve heard that Food For Health may not be the main supplier anymore of Jim’s buckets, but rather Augason Farms. We’ll confirm when we know more.)