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Hurricane Season Starts Early This Year With Hurricane Andrea

The official start of hurricane season is June 1st, and Hurricane Andrea just barely made the deadline having formed on June 4th out in the Gulf of Mexico. Although Andrea is not expected to do major damage, it serves as a reminder that destructive storms are “part of life” for many living along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.Hurricane Andrea

America is full of a lot of great things, and the resiliency of its people is one of them. It’s amazing how many disasters strike this nation; yet, because of our vigilance and preparation, these disasters usually result in few casualties. Contrast this with floods, earthquakes, and typhoons in other nations around the globe where death tolls in the thousands are not uncommon. It’s sad, but it’s preventable.

Remember to be careful and have a plan for preparing yourself and your family this coming year. If you need help getting started, please click on the tabs along the top. Just having food, power, and clean water can be the difference between life and death.

Also, when it comes to hurricanes, much of the danger lies inland where streams and rivers can rise to flood stage in just hours. Even if you are in a car, be careful crossing any body of water  no matter how shallow it seems.



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