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Hurricane Sandy Has Potential to be a Major Storm

Most people liked the movie The Perfect Storm about a major North Atlantic weather event that broke records and launched the career of George Clooney. That storm happened back in 1991, and there is the possibility for another one to happen in the next several days.hurricane-sandy

Hurricane Sandy is working its way through the Caribbean right now and is starting to turn north towards America’s east coast. Coming down from Canada is a cold front whose low pressure has the capability of sucking in the tropical moisture from Sandy. As the two converge, there is the possibility of hurricane-like moisture turning into cold ice and snow.

The current models predict a possible meeting of the two storms sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. The affected area includes all of the northeastern corridor from Washington DC north into Canada. However, if you are in the storm zone stay tuned to local weather reports as the time gets closer.

As always, this is a great reminder to everyone that winter is coming and snow and ice storms pose serious threats to the food supply chain. Imagine what you would do even if you couldn’t go to the store for a few days. Or what if you lost power?

We recommend you get started early this winter season and get prepared with some of the basics. This includes a food storage supply, a clean water source (or capability to filter water), and a heat source. You can find reviews of these products on our website.

Good luck!


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