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How to survive a winter storm

Many Americans will experience a major winter storm at least several times per year. Luckily, most of these storms are not serious enough to cause worry. But every so often something happens that puts people in precarious winter situations. So take the time to read through this list of preparation steps so you don’t get caught in a tough place.

1. If you’re driving, pull off the highway when the snow storm takes place. Make sure you put your hazard lights on. You can even hang a distress flag from the antenna. Run your engine in intervals to keep warm, and open the window a bit for ventilation.winter-storm-food-storage

2. Keep bottled water on hand. When a severe snow storm approaches, you may lose your tap water and you won’t be able to drive to the store to buy more. We also recommend having a water filter just in case the water supply gets compromised.

3. Make sure you have enough food in your house. This is very important since most Americans only have a few days of food in their pantry at any one time. We recommend something that your family will actually eat. Please check out our gourmet food storage reviews.

4. Keep lamps and several flashlights in the house and in the car. Stock up on candles. There may be a power outage. If you have the means, a gas-powered generator is invaluable in times of emergency.

5. Keep batteries in the house so you can listen to the radio or television and track weather conditions. Remember, you internet connection will most probably be lost in a storm.


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