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How is freeze-dried food better than dehydrated? Or is it?

Food Storage Reviewer Freeze Dried ProcessWe frequently get the question about what the difference is between freeze-dried food and dehydrated food. Although it’s tough to say one is better than the other, there are some things that everyone should know before they purchase food storage. We have created a page that goes over the differences in greater detail. Click here.

The following four steps explain how food is freeze-dried:

1. Food is flash frozen and then put in a vacuum chamber.

2. At -50 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the food’s moisture is drawn off by evaporating the ice.

3. The freeze-dried food is sealed in moisture and oxygen proof packaging.

4. For up to 25 years, when water is added back to the food, it will regain its original flavor and texture.

The best thing about freeze-dried food is it tastes much better than other types of food storage. If taste is important to you, we recommend you consider the top products in the gourmet profile, which have a high concentration of freeze-dried foods.


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