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How food storage can help you survive a tornado

Tornadoes have been in the news a lot this week after a string of vicious storms obliterated neighborhoods and killed dozens of people throughout the South and Midwest.

The tornado outbreak, unusual for this time of year, killed at least 32 people. Saturday began with large swaths of the South still battered by heavy rain and under tornado watches — and a real fear of the death toll rising.tornado-food-storage

Of the 32 victims, 15 were in Indiana, 13 in Kentucky, three in Ohio and one in Alabama.

What can you do to prepare for a tornado?

So is there anything you can do to actually prepare for a tornado rather than just sit back and hope for the best? Here are some simple tips to make sure you and your family survive if a tornado hits your community.

1. Have a plan. If you live in a framed structure, find out where the safest part of the house is. This can be a concrete room under the patio or garage, or it can be a cellar or crawl space. If you live in a mobile home, the best advice is to find a neighbor or community shelter you can go when storms are in the area.

2. Avoid Debris. Although many people think the most common way of dying in a tornado is to get sucked up into the vortex, the actual killer is simply flying debris. Bricks, pieces of wood, and other objects can be thrown around at speeds up to 200 mph. It may sound odd, but wearing a bike helmet is a practical way to stay alive. Also, keep your windows shut. There is a misconception that opening windows will eliminate the “vacuum effect” that has been shown on a number of Hollywood movies. This is completely false, and an open window just allows high winds to turn the inside of your house into a danger zone.

3. Have a post-tornado plan. So what happens after the actual storm passes? Power, water, and food sources are usually compromised. So even if your house is spared, there is a high chance you won’t be able to find clean water or safe food. We recommend having a water purifier as well as a supply of food storage. Because you won’t have access to power or gas-operated cooking appliances, it is best to buy “ready-to-eat” food supplies that only require water. An excellent choice is the Food Insurance 3 month supply for a family of five. You can buy it here.


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