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How do I know how much food storage my kids need?

The average food storage company treats kids like they are simply half an adult. For example, a common way to package and sell food storage is to say it feeds a family of five. In reality this is just 3.5 adult servings. Two full servings for mom and dad, and three “half servings” for the three kids. amount of food storage for kids

But isn’t that too simplistic?

There is a wide variation in how much food a normal kid consumes. Furthermore, there is a huge difference between a 16-year old boy and a 3-year old girl. To say each kid can be generalized with a need for a half serving is indeed simplistic and also dangerous.

What you should do is forget the kid servings, and understand that kids will grow up and be adults (or at least eat like adults) at some point. And your food storage purchase can accommodate your growing family. If you buy a common 25-year freeze-dried package then even the youngest family will eventually grow into an all-adult family.

So our advice is to plan ahead and treat each member of your family as if they were an adult. Sure, you might “overbuy” a little now; but the point of food storage is to prepare. So you might as well prepare for the eventuality of growing kids right from the start.

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