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How Could the Republican Presidential Primary Affect Food Storage?

Mitt, Newt, Rick, and Ron.

Almost a year after the first candidates declared their intentions to run, we are still left with four presidential hopefuls. Most expected the race would be almost over at this point, or at least down to a two-man affair.mitt-romney-food-storage

Mitt Romney has the most delegates, while Rick Santorum seems to have captured the heart of the Republican Party. Newt Gingrich doesn’t have any chance to win, but still wants to stay in. And Ron Paul knew he would never win but feels his libertarian views can remain a focus as long as he competes.

The longer this plays out, the more uncertainty there is in the global market. And we all know what uncertainty does to the price of commodities such as oil and food.

If one of the Republican challengers were to quickly win and start to solidify support for the looming battle with President Barack Obama, it may send a signal to the market that a pro-business, drill-for-more-oil candidate could realistically become the President. That would put a clamp on the speculators who are currently driving the price of oil way above where its normal supply and demand equilibrium should be.

And that would mean food prices would stabilize, which affects how much you will have to pay for food storage. So whether you like Mitt, Newt, Ron, or Rick it may be time to just start rooting for somebody–anybody–to win.


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