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Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food; baking ingredients

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Original manufacturer


About Honeyville

Honeyville (used to be called Honeyville Grain) is an original manufacturer of bulk food storage ingredients that sells mainly to other food storage resellers. Honeyville has been around for fifty years and is widely considered one of the best outlets for quality freeze-dried and dehydrated food. The reason we don’t feature any Honeyville Grain products at this website is because Honeyville chooses not to create “just-add-water” or truly ready-to-eat meals.

But if you feel comfortable combining bulk ingredients such as fruits, grains, or vegetables—basically cooking—then Honeyville is a great way to go. Just don’t underestimate the difficulty or time required to use a recipe to cook your food—especially in case of emergency. Honeyville has made some efforts to get into ready-to-eat food storage meals with their “Ranchers Cut” brand, but in the past they mainly resold Wise Food Storage for this category.

The Honeyville website is very well laid out and easy to navigate. Shipping is only $4.49 to anywhere in the United States.

Our Opinion

We think Honeyville is a great place to buy additions to your regular food storage. For example, if you have a three-month supply of ready-to-eat meals, it’s not a bad idea to supplement that with freeze-dried fruits or vegetables to give yourself some variety and extra calories. If you are looking for easy-to-prepare, just-add-water meals then you will want to explore other food storage companies.

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4 reviews for Honeyville

    2 out of 5


    Some of the can food ( TVP) was out-dated when I recieved them and the self-life of the brown rice didnt even last 6 months I had to throw away hundreds of dollars of Honeyville products

    3 out of 5


    The Honyesoy soy flour that they sell contains a really strong chemical smell and taste. In our opinion, it’s dangerously contaminated with what appears to be hexane or a similar solvent. We wrote a review on Honeyville’s site to let other people know but Honeyville didn’t allow the review to be posted. It seems only neutral, positive and mildly negative reviews are permitted.
    Other than that, their prices and shipping costs are good and they even shipped our order very fast. There was no padding/spacing in the shipping boxes which resulted in one of the bags of flour being punctured but, from my point of view, this was the shipping company’s fault; Honeyville probably shouldn’t have to pad boxes that contain flour, especially when the shipping cost is so low.



    I find Honeyville’s items to be extremely high quality – and I am NOT associated with them other than being a customer.

    Perhaps the others on this board who didn’t like what they got should have contacted the company and discussed any quality issues they had?



    REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE if there has been a problem with the order.

    I’ve been ordering goods from Honeyville for the last four years. So far, I have not had any problems, but my last order was pretty messed up.
    They gave me twice everything I ordered. I let them know, so they had UPS pick up the extra 6 (50lb) boxes right away.
    But then when I opened the remaining boxes I noticed that they sent me the wrong items. I ordered rye seeds and they sent me some kind of flour despite the label on the box saying rye seeds. The bags did not have any labels on them so I had no clue what kind of flour I received.

    I contacted Honeyville. They asked me to send pictures. They promised to get back to me. I waited FIVE days and then sent an email telling them that I had not heard from them. No answer. Two days later I emailed again. Finally EIGHT days later (and I did email twice in between) they answered.

    And so you know where I’m coming from, I usually order in bulk and don’t necessarily need to use the items ordered right away. So, when I did open the boxes up after I had run out of my current supply, it was past 60 days. Ok, my bad. (But they have never sent wrong items before so I never open the boxes to check in advance).

    But from their part, there was NO APOLOGY that they sent me the wrong items, NO HELP to try to figure out what kind of flour they sent me and did NOT even thank me that I communicated right away and let them know about all the extra items they had sent to me!!! That was $350 worth of stuff I could have just kept had I said nothing.

    But Now I have 200 lb flour and I don’t even know what kind of flour it is. Thats a lot of flour.
    In the mean time, I ordered organic rye seeds (While I have been waiting for Honeyville’s answer) from
    Their price was similar and I got free shipping.

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Quick Summary

A respected company and good choice for supplementing your ready-to-eat meals. Honeyville has been around for over fifty years and is widely considered one of the best outlets for quality freeze-dried and dehydrated food. Honeyville also offers a very extensive variety of ingredients and baking goods for those who actually want to prepare and cook food.

Avg. Customer Review

2.50 out of 5

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