Heat Solutions

Human beings need several things to survive. These items are food, clean water, a heat source, electric power, and supplies. In this section we take a close look at emergency heat options.

Nothing makes people feel better than a warm fire and a hot meal. In times of emergency, a good heat source not only can cook your food, but can also provide a calming effect for rattled nerves. Since most emergencies force people from their homes, you can’t rely on your natural gas fireplace or electric heater and stove. You need a product that is light weight, dependable, and won’t cause a safety hazard.

In the past, most of these products contained a petroleum jelly that was extremely hazardous and could not be shipped via air. Today there are better products. The very best of these is the InstaFire brand Emergency Fuel. This Emergency Fuel is a patented blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax. You can literally start a fire on snow. In order to cook that food you will need a stove, and we recommend the products from Volcano Grills.

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