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Harveston Farms


Heber City, Utah

Sister Companies:
Provident Provisions

Main Product(s):
Freeze-dried and dehydrated food

Business Type:
Original manufacturer and reseller


About Harveston Farms

Harveston Farms is a sister company of The 7 Store Emergency Preparedness Center, Inc. which began in 1992. It also sells under the company Provident Provisions. Harveston Farms packages and ships its own dehydrated food line from its own warehouse as well as offers Mountain House brand food storage.

One thing that is really impressive about Harveston Farms is their transparency regarding what food is freeze-dried and what is dehydrated. Too many companies mix a little freeze-dried food with a lot of dehydrated food and then tell you it’s all freeze-dried. Or if they don’t tell you, then they make it really hard to find out. So anything under the Harveston Farms label is dehydrated.

Harveston Farms will then create packages that have some Mountain House food and some of its own dehydrated food. Since many foods don’t need to be freeze-dried we think this is an excellent way to go. Harveston Farms offers free shipping on orders over $100 as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We contacted the company and got a quick response—so this is real service not just marketing fluff that exists on so many other sites. Customer service is a high priority for Harveston Farms, and we think you won’t be disappointed with your order or their service.

Our Opinion

Although we believe you can get similar products from other vendors, Harveston Farms is a reputable company that offers solid products. A lot of the Harveston Farms products are not “ready-to-eat” and have to be prepared–so make sure that is something you are comfortable with.

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    3 out of 5


    Harveston Farms used to be at the top of my supplier list, but lately they seem to be going through som kind of transition in their business which is really effecting those adversely who do business with them. Unreliable stocks and the website ordering system is highly inaccurate as far as quantities available. Have ordered only to receive an email stating the item is not in stock. Correspondence from the company is hit and miss. I think they warrant positive consideration, but clients should be cautious until they get back to doing business the way they used to. The correspondence I’ve had recently with the company is quite vague and they never seem to answer your questions with more than 8-10 words. Right now, I am very disappointed with Harveston Farms.



    Loved them. But they seem to be out of business now.

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Quick Summary

Harveston Farms is a brand of food storage marketed by Provident Provisions. The company packages and ships its own dehydrated food line from its own warehouse and is not a middleman. Harveston Farms also offers Mountain House food storage.

Avg. Customer Review

3.00 out of 5

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