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Glenn Beck put Food Insurance on the map

Glenn Beck has catapulted many companies from obscurity to mass profitability in a short amount of time. Think about how ubiquitous the company Goldline has become over the past few years.

food-storage-reviews-glenn-beckBut maybe the biggest success story is that of Food Insurance. Food Insurance is a sister company to the Kaysville, Utah based Daily Bread. Food Insurance burst on to the scene in late 2009 and is credited with being the first company to take food storage to the masses. To put it more bluntly, Food Insurance was the first company to market to everyone in America and not just to Mormons and survivalists.

So why Glenn Beck? Why was he so successful pushing a product such as Food Insurance? The naysayers will claim it’s Beck’s crazy, religious message that appeals to conservatives and libertarians–two groups that have an inherent distrust of government. But it’s a lot more than that.

Beck was merely providing an answer to people who had a big question. And that question was “in light of Hurricane Katrina, the financial sector meltdown, and the Great Recession, can I really count on the government to be there for me in an emergency?” For many people, the answer is a resounding No. Beck just had a national stage to advocate an answer to so many people’s worries.

So when Beck pushes a product such as Food Insurance food storage, it is successful because so many people are looking for a solution to a real problem. With Beck’s help, hopefully more and more people will understand that they can put their well-being into their own hands and not rely so much on the federal government. Read our review of the Food Insurance 3 Month Supply of food storage.


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