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Glenn Beck is still rallying the faithful

More than 65,000 people packed Cowboys Stadium (aka Jerry World) to watch Glenn Beck and others during the “Restoring Love” event. Beck is famous for these “get togethers” with his adoring fans, and it looks like a move to Texas and the end of his cable program on Fox have done nothing to slow down his momentum.glenn beck at cowboy stadium

Beck preaches a message of small government and more concern for your neighbor. As a practicing Mormon, Beck dips frequently into Christianity citing scripture and the example of Jesus Christ to convey his message. Faith, hope, and charity go hand in hand with small government, personal accountability, and conservative values.

Beck said, “We must not become America in name only, we must always strive to be a great country. We don’t have to spend our inheritance, we can build on it, invest it, improve it, make it bigger and better. That’s your choice. It’s our choice. Our inheritance is America.”

Not everyone was thrilled with Beck’s message as the notorious Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside the stadium. “I think he’s a false prophet,” cried one of the Church’s adherents.

Beck has been plugging food storage for years and is one of the main reasons preparedness has entered the national conscience.


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