Glenn Beck Food Storage

Glenn BeckSince 2009, Food Insurance used conservative talk radio to spread the food storage message. None of the celebrity endorsers has had an impact quite as large as Glenn Beck. Beck is a somewhat polarizing figure that conservatives love and liberals hate. If you want to see some attempts at comedy by the Left, please check out this piece by comedian Stephen Colbert.

Although we understand not everyone agrees with Beck’s politics, we can’t seem to understand why so many humans can reject the message just because they don’t like the messenger. Whether or not you agree with Beck’s stance on immigration or the proper role of the Federal Reserve, this should not influence whether or not you agree with Beck’s stance on getting your family prepared. Basically, you need to ask yourself this question: Is it a good idea to have a reserve supply of food at your house in case of an emergency? Yes or No?

Now we also understand that the powers of marketing and the almighty dollar can combine to make people say and do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. For example, do you really think all those movie stars are using off-the-shelf makeup you get at your local grocery store? Of course not. So when Glenn Beck tells you it’s a good idea to go buy Food Insurance, it’s important to remember he is getting paid a lot of money to say that. Last year, Beck pulled in around $30 million so you know a company has to pay quite a bit in endorsement fees just to get his attention.

But Beck has gone on record several times stating he does indeed have Food Insurance in his own home. Also, Glenn is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), a religion that places heavy emphasis on maintaining emergency food reserves. So it is highly probable Glenn Beck actually practices what he preaches in regards to food storage.

We very much agree with Glenn Beck that it’s important to have emergency food storage, but the power of this website is to give you the tools to help you make your own decision. Check out our review of Food Insurance as well as the Food Insurance 632 Entree 3 Month Supply.