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Fuel-less, Solar Power Generators: Top 3 Review (VIDEO)

There are several options on the market for fuel-less, solar power generators. Companies like Goal Zero and Lion Energy (formerly Humless) have been around for a few years and continue to push the boundaries when it comes to bringing personal solar power to the masses. And there are relatively newcomers, like Solutions from Science, that are introducing their products on the market with wild success. There are others, of course, but we have chosen to focus our latest video review on the three previously mentioned brands. It’s not a secret that we favor the Lion Energy L-1500 as we truly believe it offers the most value when it comes to a compact, fuel-less generator, and we have reviews of several Lion products on our site.

In this video review, we compare the Goal Zero Yeti 1250, the Lion Energy L-1500, and the Solutions from Science Perfect Power 1800. Each has great qualities, and each has particular drawbacks. You may find that one particular generator works better for your needs and uses, but we feel confident in recommending the L-1500 for people looking for a fuel-less solar power generator in this price range. Check out the video below for the in-depth review.


Generators in this Video Review:

goal zero yeti 1250

Goal Zero Yeti 1250

solutions from science perfect power 1800

Solutions from Science Perfect Power 1800

Lion Energy L-1500

Lion Energy L-1500


Full disclosure: The thoughts in this video review are our own. We have not (and do not) receive any compensation for reviews of any kind. While we have not received any compensation for the making of this video, we may receive a commission for products purchased on some or any of these associated websites. We also sell Lion Energy products on this website.


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