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Freeze-Dry Foods of Canada Buys Daily Bread and Food Insurance

Freeze-Dry Foods, a Canadian company based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, has recently purchased Daily Bread and its subsidiary, Food Insurance. Freeze-Dry Foods has been a long-time supplier of food components to Daily Bread, and the acquisition makes good sense. Freeze-Dry can now move down the chain and control the distribution of its products as well as participate in higher margin consumer sales.

Freeze-Dry traditionally supplied Daily Bread with bulk items such as freeze-dried chicken, beef, pork, or eggs–ingredients that were then combined with other products to make ready-to-eat meals. Whether or not Freeze-Dry wants to move in to complete meals or remain a food component manufacturer remains to be seen.

New Daily Bread President Kent Low said the company is committed to the same standard of quality Daily Bread and Food Insurance products have become known for. He also commented that Daily Bread will continue its relationship with Oregon Freeze Dry and include Mountain House meals in its offerings.

Daily Bread

Food Storage Reviewer thinks very highly of Daily Bread and Food Insurance (read review). If you are interested in tasting Daily Bread freeze-dried meals before you purchase, please take a look at their “try a sample page.”

Also, Daily Bread and Food Insurance have moved to a new meal plan organized by weeks rather than months. Although the time frame still tracks closely to the old system, there could be changes to the ratings we assign to the products. We plan on having new reviews up shortly.


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