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Food Supply Depot


Orem, Utah

Sister Companies:
Food for Health International

Main Product(s):
Dehydrated food

Business Type:
Original manufacturer


About Food Supply Depot

***It’s been brought to our attention that Food For Health International has discontinued the Food Supply Depot brand of products. We will update this page if we learn of any new information***

Food For Health is the parent company of Food Supply Depot. Food Supply Depot is an online provider of dehydrated food storage. The product is very similar to what you can get at FSD used to package a lot of their product in the same, smart bucket packaging, but lately they’ve transitioned to smaller portions in 6-count boxes. So it’s basically the same stuff with a different logo, but in a different package. However, we do believe Food For Health has changed some of the food for Food Supply Depot to make it taste a little better.

We rate Food For Health products highly on this website and believe this is easily one of the best food storage values in the market. The food is all dehydrated and has a shelf life of about 20 years. The small, 6-count boxes are perfect for short-term food supplies.  Also, inside the box, food is packaged in smaller pouches, (metallized PET pouches) which means you only have to open what you will use. This is one of the main drawbacks to food in #10 cans.

Food Supply Depot products are all packaged in a brand-new, FDA approved facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have toured the plant ourselves and have found it to be one of the best food processing operations in the United States. It is definitely the best in the food storage arena.

While there is plenty to be happy with about Food Supply Depot, it’s clear Food For Health has let FSD slip on the priority list. Case in point: the FSD website. It’s been up for months, yet it might as well not exist — You can’t buy anything as every product is listed as “out of stock.” The website has been in this semi-finished state for months and FSD hasn’t shown any signs of getting it functioning soon.




    Whats to rate if you go to their website they have no food listed. All they have is a banner saying coming soon and some stupid Duck Dynasty printed pouches. How stupid can they be? If they think putting actors on food products is going to induce me to buy they are sadly mistaken. More importantly why is the Food Storage Reviewer reviewing a company that has nothing for sale? It makes me doubt your credibility as a review site.



      Scott, thanks for the comment. In the past 30 days or so Food Supply Depot has gone through a website change, replacing much of their previous content with what you see now. As we state in our review above, Food Supply Depot is affiliated with Food for Health and is an online provider of its dehydrated food products. However, we feel your frustration as none of these products are currently listed on their new site. As soon as we get word of what’s going on over there, we’ll be sure to update our review.

      An interesting comment you make about putting actors on food products. For better or worse, that’s a tactic that many in the food storage industry have used. Food Insurance uses Glenn Beck; Wise Foods uses Marie Osmond. We at Food Storage Reviewer strive to take an unbiased viewpoint on all products and companies and help people cut through all the “marketing hype” celebrity endorsements like this can sometimes bring. You can be sure that when Food Supply Depot comes out with their new product line, including the Duck Dynasty pouches, we’ll be right there to offer our honest opinion.

      By the way, if you want to see which products are actually sold under the Food Supply Depot label, you can check them out on the Food For Health site:

      Thanks for stopping by! Cheers.

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Food Supply Depot is Food For Health International’s first real foray into retail food storage sales. Food For Health traditionally likes to avoid channel conflict with its bevy of resellers and Food Supply Depot was carefully launched to keep both partners and end customers happy.

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