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Food Storage Reviewer Unveils the Easiest Website in the Food Storage Industry

Food Storage Reviewer has launched a new website that builds on the success of the last several years and adds several new features that make it even easier to navigate the emergency preparedness industry.

The goal of Food Storage Reviewer has always been simple: help people make better informed emergency preparedness decisions. Although there are many fantastic companies in the the food storage industry there are too many that are not forthcoming in regards to their business practices and products. We have seen too many “fly-by-night” operations spring up and make grandiose claims about the quality and durability of their products. It’s unfortunate, because getting prepared is such an important decision.

This new website was designed to give you even more confidence in selecting the right emergency preparedness products for you and your family.FSR Food Icon

Even More Food Storage Reviews

First, there is a redesigned company and product review section with even more information. We have reviews of the top 26 food storage companies as well as many reviews of the leading power, heat, water, and supplies companies. We also have many more product reviews including our very popular food storage section, which ranks products according to best taste, best price, easiest preparation, shelf life, and storage space.

Buy from us Buy from them

Buy From Us Or Buy From Them

The next thing we redesigned is the “Buy From Us” and “Buy From Them” functionality. In the past, it was a bit difficult to know when you could buy products directly from Food Storage Reviewer and when you had to actually order directly from the manufacturer’s website. Now it’s easier than ever to find the right product. Our goal is to find you the best deal–whether you buy from us or buy from the original product producer. See product reviews >>

Calculate What You Need

Next, we decided to create the most comprehensive emergency preparedness calculator in existence. This isn’t just the run-of-the-mill calculator you see on so many other websites. We ask relevant questions and then give you the highest reviewed food, heat, power, water, and supplies options based on your specific needs.

Get the Best Deals

Food Storage Calculator

Finally, we created an expanded “Deals” section that shows the best deals offered by Food Storage Reviewer as well as the best deals offered on other companies’ websites. In short, we plan on this section being the first place you look when you are in the market for survival food or emergency preparedness items. View deals >>

We sincerely hope this website becomes a useful tool for you as you make your emergency preparedness plans.

Best wishes,

Food Storage Reviewer


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