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Food storage from Jim Bakker

***Read Our Updated Info Here, and Buy at a Discount!***

It’s been brought to our attention that Jim Bakker, popular evangelist and host of the Jim Bakker show, is selling emergency food to his congregation. We salute Jim Bakker and his team for incorporating the message of preparedness in his ministry.

It looks like Food For Health International is the supplier of choice for Jim (read update). The food storage company recently teamed up with Jim Bakker to provide 13,662 boxes of food for orphanages in Moldova. Well done Food For Health.

Although many people choose to buy emergency food through their church groups at marked-up prices, you can also just go straight to the source for much cheaper prices. Food For Health is probably reselling their popular Emergency Food Supply bucket, which retails for $143.99. You can buy it on our website for $107.99 or from foodforhealthinternational.com. Keep up the good work Jim!

Jim Bakker Food Storage is Food for Health

7 reviews for Food storage from Jim Bakker

  1. ediewalker@ymail.com


    I want to get started. Do you have a pay as you go program to start receiving emergengy food supplies? %41-964-3068 Thank you, Edie Walker

  2. Kgarrison79@icloud.com


    I ordered 3 orders of you 11/2 yr food stock-I have rec’d 2shipments and you have promised mr another one on a Friday before the polar vortex hit-I would like to know the status of my order-ps I have tried all of the varieties you have sent and I like then-thank you karen garrison…

    • brocktrw@gmail.com


      Karen, I believe you mean to contact The Jim Bakker Show at jimbakkershow.com.

  3. lelliot4@bellsouth.net


    Got my order but the comfort bonus box it was short 12 servings and I was so looking forward to trying the ice cream but NONE in the box. Plus no directions on all the freeze dried yogurt packages. Trying to get info from customer service is practically impossible. First it takes 15 ro 20 minutes for them

  4. thiansky2011@yahoo.com


    Can you send out a sample of the food for me to try?

    • brocktrw@gmail.com


      Greg, we don’t send out food storage samples, but there are many food storage websites that do, such as Food Insurance for Wise Food Storage.

  5. Steve.edinger@icloud.com


    how big are your serving size thank you

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