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Food Storage For Kids: Will They Eat Your Emergency Food?

It’s hard enough finding things your kids will eat. Now imagine trying to find emergency food storage foods that they like. Unfortunately, most traditional food storage contains things like creamed wheat, powdered eggs, and what I call “mystery meat.” These are hardly items most kids will eat.food storage for kids

But does it matter you ask? After all, if you are starving, won’t people (including kids) eat anything? No. Studies done during World War II showed many people in Europe died from starvation because they wouldn’t eat the “less than desirable” food that was available. I know, it sounds strange—but it’s true.

So don’t dismiss the importance of finding food storage your kids will eat.

To make it easy, we have segmented our food storage reviews into 5 easy categories:

  1. Space
  2. Preparation
  3. Price
  4. Shelf life
  5. Taste

If you really want to make sure your children will eat, please look at our ratings for food storage that tastes really good. Normally, freeze-dried food has the best taste. Our top three for taste are Food Insurance, Nitro-Pak, and The Ready Store.

Have you tried feeding kids some of your emergency food storage? What did you try? How did it go?


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