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Food Storage for College Kids?

One of the companies we review, Wise Food Storage, recently sent out a letter promoting their food storage as a good alternative to crappy college food. Crappy was our word, not theirs. But having attended college and dined in a college cafeteria, I think I am qualified to use that description.college_food_storage

So do we think the concept is sound? Absolutely, but not for the reasons Wise Food Storage stated. Unless you absolutely love the taste of freeze-dried or dehydrated food, you can get cheaper, “same quality of taste” food at a grocery store or even a fast-food chain. Hey, 39 cent Taco Bell burritos aren’t bad when you’re 18.

But what if a disaster struck a college campus? Most kids live in a dorm room about the size of my bedroom closet, so they don’t have a lot of room to store things such as excess food. Plus, kids are usually hundreds of miles away from home and not close to family. So what would they do? What would you do? Don’t be so sure the college has an emergency plan for this type of thing.

The answer is it would be smart for each kid to have a small 2-4 week emergency food storage supply that could be stored underneath the bed. That way they can survive a short-term disaster until other arrangements could be made (like you figuring out how to get them to a safer place). Some people think 2-4 weeks is too long, but college kids tend to eat a lot more as well as have roommates who like to mooch. It’s always a good idea to give a kid more than you think he or she needs.

So take the time today to get an emergency food storage or supply plan in place for your college-age kids. Wise Food Storage does have excellent products that are easily stored and taste great. You can review them here, or visit their website here


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