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Food Storage Company Spotlight: MyFoodStorage.com

Myfoodstorage.com is a relatively new food storage company. It mainly resells Wise Company food storage, and we have a suspicion it is probably a sister company that shares all the same overhead and fulfillment.my food storage company logo

Because it resells Wise products you may be tempted to just go to Wise Company to buy what you need. However, on closer inspection it seems myfoodstorage.com actually sells the same products for a bit cheaper.

For example, we reviewed the Myfoodstorage.com 1,080 serving package, which is exactly the same as the Wise Company’s 1,080 serving package. To our surprise, Myfoodstorage.com listed the price as $1,995. At Wise you get the same thing for $65 MORE.

We have a lot of respect for Wise and its products, so if you can get the same stuff at Myfoodstorage.com, then we say more power to you. These packages store very easily, and their prep time ranks at the top among other competitors.

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2 reviews for Food Storage Company Spotlight: MyFoodStorage.com

  1. janine47@gmail.com


    We have been happy with our purchase through MyFoodStorage.com. They offered us a free emergency stove with our order. Seemed like a good company to work with.

  2. msorensen@wisecompanyus.com


    Thank you for the review of ‘My Food Storage.” As point of clarification I would like to note that http://www.myfoodstorage.com is not owned or controlled by Wise Company or any of its principals, officers or employees. It is a business that is owned, operated and controlled completely independently of Wise Company. We value all of our partner relationships including that with myfoodstorage.com.

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