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Food Insurance was launched in 2009 by its parent company, Daily Bread, as its online retail arm. Food Insurance is supported by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and is credited with simplifying food storage into easy-to-understand consumer packages.

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Food Insurance


Kaysville, Utah

Sister Companies:
Daily Bread, Emergency Reserve

Main Product(s):
Freeze-dried and dehydrated food; emergency supplies

Business Type:


About Food Insurance

Food Insurance was launched in 2009 by its parent company, Daily Bread. Daily Bread started out as a door-to-door sales company, and management decided to launch an online retail company under a different name. Food Insurance has enjoyed terrific success because of its simple product offering, high quality, and of course, affiliation with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

Glenn Beck has been instrumental in selling quite a few “preparedness” products including gold, food storage, and data backup. His loyal audience and common-sense approach to life have made him extremely successful. Considering Food Insurance has partnered with Glenn Beck for three years, we have every reason to believe the relationship is still fruitful. And since the cost to sponsor a celebrity endorser is astronomical, we can only assume business is good for Food Insurance.

Food Insurance really raised the bar in the emergency food storage world, and they deserve credit for making this important product more acceptable to a mainstream audience. Food Insurance has excellent customer service and provides an outstanding solution for emergency preparedness. Food Insurance products are a smart mix of more expensive freeze-dried items containing real meats and cheeses and less-expensive dehydrated products such as granola and dried fruit. Food Insurance has also wisely resisted the urge to sell everything possible and keeps its product offering simple, neat and easy to understand. Check out their website here.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, Food Insurance is one of the best companies in the food storage industry. It pioneered the acceptance of emergency products for the masses through its advertising relationships with well-known celebrities. Also, all of Food Insurance’s products are sourced from only the best manufacturers. If you want high quality emergency food and supplies, then Food Insurance is the right place to go.


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