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Food Insurance Shifts Strategy to Lower-Priced Food Storage

Food Insurance, long the standard bearer in high-quality freeze-dried food storage, has recently started to sell lower-priced items on its website. In fact, the company no longer tries to hide the fact it is also the company behind Emergency Reserve, a reseller of dehydrated food.food insurance food storage

The shift toward lower-end food and emphasis on price reductions makes us wonder if the competition inside the emergency preparedness / food storage industry is reaching a tipping point. It seems that gone are the days of one or two food storage companies dominating the industry. In the last three or four years anyone with a website and even a passing knowledge of emergency preparedness could become a food storage reseller.

The good news for you is it seems like food storage companies are having a harder and harder time selling products. Without a Japanese tsunami type of event, people are no longer blindly writing large checks for whatever Glenn Beck tells them to buy. Food storage consumers are becoming more savvy and want to make sure they look at all the options before buying.

This means you can get great deals that weren’t available even six months ago. Currently, Food Insurance is offering a 20% case lot sell and free shipping on products over $100. That threshold used to be $1,000. Click here for our review of Food Insurance, and happy shopping.


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