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Food Insurance Creates New Packages and Purchase Options

Food Insurance has long been one of our favorite suppliers of food storage. The company revolutionized the food storage industry with its easy-to-understand packages and its use of celebrity endorsers (Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity). Recently, the company has added several new products that are designed to make it even easier to get prepared.

12 week plan premium12-week emergency food storage – premium supply for 2 adults

In the past, Food Insurance sold long-term food storage solutions according to number of months and in a 2 adult/3 children combination. That was great for people with families. Now Food Insurance sells a supply for 12 weeks designed for just two adults. This makes purchasing freeze-dried food much easier for people without kids who want a medium to long-term food supply.

The 12-week package comes with plenty of the things we love about good food storage: almost 2,100 calories per per and 31 different food options all contained in #10 cans with a 30-year shelf life. If you want to read our detailed review of the product please click here.

Pay-As-You-Go Program

The next innovative product is the Food Insurance Pay-As-You-Go Program. This program gives you the flexibility to pay as little as $65 a month to build your food storage. After 24 months and $1,560 you will have 12 weeks of food for two people. Of course, you can go faster by paying $150 over 12 months.

This plan gives you about 1,239 calories so make sure you supplement it with bulk foods such as rice, grain, and drink mix.

Check out the Pay-As-You-Go Program here.

Build-Your-Own Meal Plan

Build your own meal planThis is a brilliant idea to let people truly customize their own food storage meals. Not everybody likes the same foods, and now you have the flexibility to eliminate the ones you hate.

The first thing you do is select how much money you want to spend on a food supply. Then you can select the types of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other entrees and add on what you want. It makes it easy to get what you want.

Click here to get started making your own customized emergency food supply.


We think it’s about time the consumer had more choice and flexibility when it comes to food storage. Food Insurance has created several innovative products to let you do just that. To learn more about companies like Food Insurance or its sister company, Daily Bread, please read our in-depth company reviews.


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