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Food Insurance Continues To Push the Advertising Boundaries

As I was flying on a Delta flight this week, I picked up Sky Magazine and started thumbing through it. On the back inside cover, I found an advertisement from Food Insurance. The tone of the ad was much different from their usual fare, but it still drove home the point that you have to get yourself prepared.food insurance food storage advertisement picture

Food Insurance, which is just the online arm of Daily Bread, was the first to really start taking emergency food to a mainstream audience. It started with the Glenn Beck radio relationship and has spread to Jimmer Fredette television commercials, which many people saw during the Olympics and at random times on ESPN.

Wise Company Foods has also waded into celebrity endorsement marketing although their lineup is not quite as famous as that of Food Insurance. Others, including The Ready Store and Nitro-Pak, choose not to market through celebrities and what I call exotic advertising. Rather they focus on newsletters, email, SEO, and various other online advertising to push their brands.

On one hand, we love to see emergency food storage being pushed to the “mainstream.” On the other hand, expensive advertising means there are fat margins for the company, which translates to less purchasing power for the consumer. Either way, do what you have money for, and take a look at our company ratings to see which option is best for you.


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