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Food Insurance Bug-Out Bags Are Tops for Emergency Preparedness

Food Insurance has long been one of the most innovative emergency preparedness companies. It was the first to combine popular food storage entrees and other a la carte items into easy-to-understand packages for the average food storage consumer. It was also the first to use mass market advertising to raise awareness of emergency preparedness.

One of the more “unsung” products offered by Food Insurance is the simple “bug out” bag. This bag is also known in some parts as a 72-hour kit or a grab-and-go bag. These products are extremely popular because they appeal to those on a budget and are easy to haul in case you need to physically leave your house.

Food Insurance offers two types of bug out bags–large and small–that can be filled with two weeks of food, five days of food, or really anything you want. Both bags are made from high-quality, water-resistant nylon.

Food Insurance Bug-Out Bags

The child bag has about 1500 cubic inches of space and dimensions of 18″ x 12″ x 7″. It’s about the size of a school backpack so your kid won’t have any trouble wearing it. The adult bag has 2500 cubic inches of storage and dimensions of 24″ x 13″ x 8″. It’s roughly the size of a normal hiking backpack.

The bags cost $50 for the child and $70 for the adult but we routinely see Food Insurance take up to 70% off the price. Many times you can get the adult for $20 and the child bag for $15.

When it comes to figuring out what to put inside the bag you have a few options. You can but it as a 72-hour kit for one adult or two adults, a five-day emergency pack for adults, a five-day emergency pack for kids, a regular two-week bug-out bag, or a premium bug-out bag.

Premium Bug-out bag

You have a lot of options, and they run between$100 and $200 each. The best part of these kits is that they come with real freeze-dried food sealed in mylar pouches along with quality gear. It’s not the usual junk that’s crammed into a lot of other 72-hour kits.

What I have chosen to do is use Food Insurance bug-out bags with Food Insurance freeze-dried food–and then add my own emergency preparedness items. I like to customize things. So I bought a two-week food kit and put it inside an adult bug-out bag. The food kit costs $120 and comes with 15 pouches of food (shelf life is 7-10 years) including:

• Granola
• Oatmeal
• Chocolate Protein Shake
• Lasagna with Meat Sauce
• Beef Stroganoff
• Creamy Chicken Rotini (vegetarian)
• Rice & Chicken
• Orange Power Electrolyte Drink
• Long-Grain White Minute Rice


I have filled the rest of the space with a high-quality water purifier, fire starter, cooking utensils, medical supplies, and some personal items.

One problem many people make with bug-out bags is they prepare them and then forget about them. You really should look through your bug-out bag every six months and update or replace the items inside. The thing I really like about the Food Insurance products is the high-quality bag and the quality food that lasts 7-10 years. If you haven’t yet prepared a 72-hour kit, this is the best way to get started.

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