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Food for Health International created the standard food storage bucket you see at places like Costco. The easy-to-use, easy-to-store bucket represented a transformational change in food storage. As an original manufacturer, Food For Health supplies a lot of the dehydrated food you see resold by other online retailers.

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Food for Health International


Provo, Utah

Sister Companies:
Food Supply Depot

Main Product(s):
Freeze-dried and dehydrated food; emergency products

Business Type:
Original manufacturer


About Food for Health International

The first thing you need to know about Food For Health is that it pioneered the ubiquitous food storage bucket you find at Costco and a host of other resellers. This bucket is probably the best selling food storage product in the history of the industry because of its convenience and attractive price point. In fact, Food For Health produces such a great, cost effective product that many other food storage resellers simply slap their own label on it and mark it up.

Food For Health is one of only a handful of food storage companies that actually make their own food. It is organic, halal, and kosher certified. We have seen its manufacturing facility and can vouch for its cleanliness and strict observance of good manufacturing practices.

Watch out for other companies or organizations that simply resell Food For Health products. We are aware of some church groups that buy buckets and mark them up three times. If you want to donate to your church we recommend buying the food storage from Food For Heath and giving cash to your religious institution. We highly recommend Food For Health products especially if price and value are high on your list.

Food For Health also sells emergency preparedness items beyond dehydrated food. These products include the Lion Energy line of personal solar and electric generators as well as InstaFire, the easy-to-use fire-starter material that can literally burn on snow.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, Food For Health is easily one of the most trustworthy food storage companies in existence. It manufactures its own food rather than buying, packaging, and reselling other people’s products. That means the company can ensure the integrity of the entire supply chain. If you are looking for a simple, highly reliable, and cost effective food storage solution, then Food For Health is a great place to start.


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