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Food for Health International


Provo, Utah

Sister Companies:
Food Supply Depot

Main Product(s):
Freeze-dried and dehydrated food; emergency products

Business Type:
Original manufacturer


About Food for Health International

The first thing you need to know about Food For Health is that it pioneered the ubiquitous food storage bucket you find at Costco and a host of other resellers. This bucket is probably the best selling food storage product in the history of the industry because of its convenience and attractive price point. In fact, Food For Health produces such a great, cost effective product that many other food storage resellers simply slap their own label on it and mark it up.

Food For Health is one of only a handful of food storage companies that actually make their own food. It is organic, halal, and kosher certified. We have seen its manufacturing facility and can vouch for its cleanliness and strict observance of good manufacturing practices.

Watch out for other companies or organizations that simply resell Food For Health products. We are aware of some church groups that buy buckets and mark them up three times. If you want to donate to your church we recommend buying the food storage from Food For Heath and giving cash to your religious institution. We highly recommend Food For Health products especially if price and value are high on your list.

Food For Health also sells emergency preparedness items beyond dehydrated food. These products include the Lion Energy line of personal solar and electric generators as well as InstaFire, the easy-to-use fire-starter material that can literally burn on snow.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, Food For Health is easily one of the most trustworthy food storage companies in existence. It manufactures its own food rather than buying, packaging, and reselling other people’s products. That means the company can ensure the integrity of the entire supply chain. If you are looking for a simple, highly reliable, and cost effective food storage solution, then Food For Health is a great place to start.

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13 reviews for Food for Health International

    1 out of 5


    I purchased the bucket at costco, primarily for the water filtration plastic bottle they were throwing in for free. The cap to the bottle was cracked rendering it unusable. No problem, I tried emailing the company only to receive an “error message stating the email could not be sent and I was to try another avenue to reach them. Ok…I called the 800 # and and tried to leave a message with Customer service, instead it hangs up. Ok….called back tried leaving message with corporate office, it hung up as well without being able to leave a message. Sounds like a scam to me. I will write another review if I can reach them on Monday to rectify the situation but if not this one will stand.



      John, sorry to hear about that. It’s always frustrating when companies don’t give you the customer service you’re looking for. We aren’t affiliated with Food for Health International, but our experience in the past has always been positive.

    5 out of 5


    Bought a month supply of food storage to test it out. Food tasted better than I expected, seeing as it’s supposed to be able to keep for 20 years. No complaints here.

    1 out of 5


    I’ve placed a large order with them and so far they’ve not bothered to respond to any email enquiries regarding problems. I’m very unimpressed so far.



      Marcella, sorry to hear you’ve had troubles with your order. As you may know, Food for Health is an original manufacture of their food (meaning they don’t just resell others’ food). They don’t like having their food sitting on the shelves for months or years before you get it which eats into your shelf life with the product. Instead, they consistently make new batches. Occasionally they get backed up and shipping times take about a month rather than the more standard 2 weeks.

      We would recommend a phone call rather than an email as email inquiries to larger companies usually go to a mailbox that nobody monitors.

    5 out of 5


    I received my order quickly and intact. Didn’t have to contact the company for any problems, so I can’t comment on that. We tried a package of the stuff and were very satisfied. Hope to have to use it up in my old age and then I’ll know if it really lasts.



    The samples I tried where average, but most important, while ordering the one year Family of four I found out from the sales rep that the chicken, beef and meat products are all soy substitutes and like the corn are all GMO. I immediately withdrew my order and decided to look elsewhere. I don’t want poison when I need real healthy foods to give to my family to survive. Buyers beware!



    To the Food for Health reviewer, John Lundberg. As a long time Costco Memeber….. Costco will refund your full purchase price if you simply return the item (used or unused) to any Costco Warehouse. You do not need a receipt. Costco can access your purchase on your memebership card.
    Hope this information is helpful to you!



    Hey, so on the web sight there is packages from Food Supply depot. Do you make food for them or something? Its a bit confusing, I was under the impression you make all your own. Also is it all organic?
    Meridian, ID



      Cimarron, it’s come to our attention that Food For Health International (who owns and produces Food Supply Depot) is discontinuing this brand. Thus, we’ve removed all Food Supply Depot products reviews from our website. We do not make any of the food, we just review the products. Thanks for visiting!



    Food for Health International: 72hr food and cooking kit. More like, “Not that good”. If you’re going to put together an emergency food supply, spend the couple extra bucks and get something better. Just finished testing the second meal package. First one made me sick and the second one is doing the same, that’s two meals with half a portion used and the rest down the drain. My sister tried a bit of each and had to spit it out. There’s something disgusting in there, the aroma is horrendous like hot rubber, possibly they’ve used something I’m allergic to, and most gmo’s I am unable to digest properly. It’s not a good idea to buy food that makes you sick. If you have allergies, purchasing this product is a bad bet. If this food hasn’t made you sick, I’m very happy for you. :)



    I bought this product at Costco.
    I have just tasted a sample for the first time.
    The Stew is basically inedible. There is a terrible salty taste to it.
    What could this be? Was the product simply prepared with too much salt?
    Or have they used excess amounts of MSG to try and preserve the food.
    Costco should be ashamed to sell this product, and I question the accuracy
    of the reviewer who said this was a quality product. At this point, this product is
    a severe waste of money. Furthermore, innocent victims who counted on having palatable food in an emergency would be seriously damaged if they tried to eat this food.
    J. Block



      Thanks for your assessment. In our review of the Food For Health 1,000 Servings Bucket, we caution against buying these buckets at places like Costco or Sam’s Club. Additionally, we believe Taste is not why you buy this product. Other companies provide products that are better tasting, but at a higher cost.

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Quick Summary

Food for Health International created the standard food storage bucket you see at places like Costco. The easy-to-use, easy-to-store bucket represented a transformational change in food storage. As an original manufacturer, Food For Health supplies a lot of the dehydrated food you see resold by other online retailers.

Avg. Customer Review

3.00 out of 5

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