Getting you and your family prepared can create a lot of questions. Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to food storage, emergency preparedness, and our website.

If you have a question not listed here you can visit our contact page.

Do you sell products as well as offer reviews?

Yes. When we can get a better deal from a manufacturer than is otherwise offered to a consumer, we will pass those savings on to you. Every product we’ve reviewed, regardless of whether or not we sell it, can be found in the product reviews section. Visit our online store to purchase products we sell, usually at a significant discount.

Which companies will ship to Canada?

Most companies will now ship to Canada as well as to Hawaii and Alaska. There is usually an up-charge for shipping.

Are there any coupons or sales?

Please check our Deals Section for all the latest emergency preparedness coupons and offers.

Which products contain the least amount of sodium?

All food storage products contain elevated amounts of sodium. That’s partly the reason why food storage companies can claim such long product shelf lives. We are constantly looking for better products with lower sodium content. Please check this site frequently for updates. You can also check the right sidebar of many product reviews for a notification on sodium levels.

Why do I have to pay tax?

As with any online retail experience, customers have to pay tax if they live in the same state as the retailer. For example, if you live in Utah and buy food storage products from Wise Foods (headquartered in Salt Lake City) then you will have to pay Utah sales tax on your order.

How Much Is Shipping?

Each company we review has separate shipping and handling policies. For any product sold by Food Storage Reviewer shipping is calculated by both weight and distance. Extra shipping charges may apply to Alaska and Hawaii.

What is your return policy?

For products just reviewed (and not sold) by Food Storage Reviewer, we would direct you to the company that actually sold the product. For products that are sold on Food Storage Reviewer, please find our return policy here.

Why doesn’t FSR review or sell food storage products like grains and wheat?

Items such as grain and wheat are true commodities. It is easy to know exactly what you are getting as well as what the true value of the product is. With pre-packaged food storage products such as dehydrated and freeze-dried meals, there is no standard, easy way to compare companies or meals. That’s why we started this site—to take away the confusion for the customer.

Do you review Gluten Free products?

No. We’ve yet to do so, though we know how important this is to many consumers. In the meantime, we can recommend Preparewise Gluten Free products.