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Emergency Reserve


Kaysville, Utah

Sister Companies:
Food Insurance, Daily Bread

Main Product(s):
Dehydrated food

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About Emergency Reserve

**Note: Emergency Reserve used to exist as a stand-alone website selling dehydrated food storage in easy-to-stack square buckets. However, the website has been discontinued. Emergency Reserve products can still be purchased on, its sister company.**

Emergency Reserve was founded in 2010 by Daily Bread/ to be an online reseller of less-expensive dehydrated food. This food is not freeze-dried and has a shelf life of about 20 years. If you don’t care about gourmet taste, then dehydrated food such as Emergency Reserve brand is a good solution.

For a while, Daily Bread/ appeared to be very “secretive” about this sister company. In fact, the only way we found out Emergency Reserve was connected to Daily Bread and was by calling the contact number multiple times and finally getting a secretary willing to talk about the company. She was very helpful in telling us the company’s short history. But now that the website has been discontinued they haven’t been shy about selling Emergency Reserve products on the Food Insurance website.

Since Daily Bread/ does not actually make their own food, there is good reason to believe Emergency Reserve products are a combination of bulk foods probably provided by Food For Health International or Augason Farms. In fact, the stand-alone food bucket category, which many people have grown accustom to, appears to be the niche Emergency Reserve is filling on the Food Insurance website. Ever since Food Insurance restructured its food offerings and packages, there hasn’t been much of a “single bucket” option. Emergency Reserve offers that solution for those seeking it.

Our Opinion

We believe Emergency Reserve fills a much needed niche in the marketplace–customers who don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t care as much about taste. As part of the Food Insurance/Daily Bread organization, we know customer service and product quality will be excellent.

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Quick Summary

Emergency Reserve is part of the Daily Bread family of companies, which also includes Emergency Reserve used to exist as a stand-alone website selling dehydrated food storage in easy-to-stack square buckets, similar to dehydrated products offered by Food for Health. However, Emergency Reserve is now only sold through its sister company, Food Insurance.

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