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Emergency preparedness spotlight: Instafire

Many people ask us what’s the best way to cook food storage when you are in an emergency environment. Unfortunately, you might not have a working microwave, stove, or even house if something bad happens. In that case, we recommend something light, portable, and most importantly very flammable.

InstaFireAnd the best product we have found is the InstaFire Emergency Fuel available online at instafire.com. The company says, “the all-natural ingredients makes it people and environmentally friendly. It burns ‘green’ without any risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and vapors such as Benzene. It is so safe that it can be stored near food, and there are no risks of explosions or unexpected fires while in storage.”

With just a match, InstaFire easily lights and continues to burn with stable, predictable flames. If the disaster involves high winds or wet weather, InstaFire will still light and burn. We have tried using other fire starters and heat sources, but none come close to performing the way InstaFire does.InstaFire

Even though you can eat your food storage raw or with just cold water, it tastes so much better when it is prepared with boiling water. This product makes a nice addition to your emergency preparedness plans.


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