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Emergency Essentials


Orem, Utah

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food, and emergency supplies

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Mainly a reseller


About Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials is one of the oldest and most respected food storage and emergency preparedness companies. As their website says, Emergency Essentials started out mainly as a catalog company. However, the company now has several retail stores throughout Utah and a very robust online presence. Their online web address is very appropriate:

Emergency Essentials basically sells any type of emergency preparedness product you could ever need. Food storage, containers, tools, water filtration, radios, heat sources, and seeds are just some of the broad product categories the company offers. And if you live in Utah, you can stop by one of their retail stores and check out the products for yourself.

For food storage, Emergency Essentials mainly resells Mountain House brand freeze-dried food coupled with their own private label brand called Provident Pantry. The Provident Pantry items are mainly bulk ingredients such as vegetables and fruits while the Mountain House entrees are traditional ready-to-eat meals.

Our Opinion

We have a very high opinion of Emergency Essentials, and you can feel safe purchasing from them. They also have a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty on non-food items. Finally, Emergency Essentials has one of the best checklists for deciding which food storage option is best for you. You can read it here here.


In the past 2 years, Emergency Essentials has been through a few rounds of re-branding, with the latest coming in the Summer of 2014. While their look has changed, they offer the same great service we’ve grown to respect.

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Avg. Customer Review

10 reviews for Emergency Essentials

    5 out of 5


    I have been using Emergency essentials for the past 3-4 years. Products are good quality and priced very well. They have a very large selection and ship quickly. I am extremely satified with them.



    E.E. has a nice selection, and I normally receive my order within a week. No complaints here.

    3 out of 5


    My peeve with E.E. is their perpetuation of the myth of shelf-life for MREs (based on storage temperature) – they are using archaic and out-dated info from the original military-provided data. I called them directly to ask if they would update their web info and printed catalog, and they just didn’t care.



    So far, so pathetic. Ordered on 8/18 and it is 9/3 and I’m “told” that most of my order will get here by 9/9. That is really totally unacceptable service. When I emailed customer service (no response) and then called (left message and they got back to me), I was told that they hold ANY order with a backordered item for two weeks before they ship. OKAY but they should tell customers that. I know it saves them shipping costs but I was not prepared to wait four weeks to get the FIRST part of my order. Who knows when the backordered items will come. Maybe the products are great- I HOPE. Although I find other complaints online about that, too. Will order from more established, more responsible companies going forward.



    ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Ordered my products 07/21/2015 and still have not received them! I’ve emailed them many times and no response! Tried calling them several times but left on hold forever till I gave up on waiting! Till now, no one has helped resolved this issue for me! I’ve already filed formal complaint to BBB. NEVER PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! ABSOLUTE FRAUD!



    Great service until my last order.. It arrived 5 cans short. After 2 days I contacted them by email.. no response. I called them and after a wait on the phone, I got a customer rep who said the shortage would be sent out immediately. .. It never arrived in 3 weeks.. I sent them another email.. No response.. I wont buy from them again until this issue is resolved. A recent order from Walmart was short by one can. I called them and they immediately sent the missing can, no questions asked. Walmart has much better customer service.



    I ordered six cases of blackberries which tasted like burnt chemicals. I contacted the company SIX times before receiving response. They told me to return the cans at my expense, then proceeded to give me a faulty address. The cans were returned as undeliverable and two more attempts to contact customer service have been ignored. Now I am out the $120 purchase price plus s/h plus $17.72 return shipping. I’m not sure this company is legitimate. I cannot recommend. Poor quality, inedible food and worse customer service.




      What a terrible experience. Emergency Essentials is a legitimate company that has been around for many years. We’ve toured their facilities personally. They also have several retail fronts, which is unlike most food storage companies that exist wholly online. Frankly, this doesn’t sound the Emergency Essentials we know. That’s very unfortunate you had such a difficult experience with them. Thanks for being willing to share it. What was the specific name of the blackberries product you ordered?



    We have bought from Emergency Essentials for over a decade and have ALWAYS been completely satisfied! I usually emailed (Scotty), rather than calling and received immediate responses to my questions,/resolution to an issue. Honestly, very occasionally there was a dented can or something that didn’t work for my family and I had NO PROBLEM getting a replacement or reimbursement. I have utilized their wonderful, FREE tools….The Food Storage Analyzer, Disaster Checklists, Go-Bag Checklists, and innumerous others! I am very grateful that thye go to all the effort they do to provide timely information to anyone interested in disaster planning!



    Worst customer service EVER.

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Quick Summary

Emergency Essentials is one of the oldest and most respected food storage companies with a large variety of food storage and emergency preparedness items. Emergency Essentials has its own private label brand that used to be called Provident Pantry (now just Emergency Essentials), but the company mixes inĀ Mountain House freeze-dried food in most of their packages.

Avg. Customer Review

4.00 out of 5

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