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eFoods Direct


Draper, Utah

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food

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Reseller; not an original manufacturer


About eFoods Direct

eFoods Direct mixes patriotism with common sense to offer traditional freeze-dried and dehydrated food products. eFoods strives to serve, save, and share according to its mission statement. By taking the practical, good Samaritan approach to food storage, eFoods Direct has really appealed with conservative America.

Food Insurance may have Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity as company spokespersons, but eFoods claims Alex Jones and his popular website. Alex Jones has been an eFoods Direct spokesperson for a long time.

Alex Jones

The owner of the company, Steve Shenk, is not shy when it comes to getting prepared. His dad was a literal pioneer, and he takes the food storage cause very seriously. Steve also ties preparedness to being a good American and doing your civic duty.

Another interesting thing is eFoods Direct’s meals are Kosher certified. As their website says, “regardless of religious associations, Kosher food takes quality to a whole new level.  eFoods Direct has taken things a step further to get products Kosher Certified.  This gives consumers confidence that ingredients have been carefully checked for cleanliness and purity.

Our Opinion

We always like to point out a company’s website as a factor in determining whether or not you can trust the product. eFoods Direct gets an A+ for its site’s ease-of-use and abundance of straightforward information. They also have a great blog that is updated frequently and has useful emergency preparedness information.

Basically, if you are a hard-core conservative, America-loving, communist-hating citizen, then eFoods Direct is the food storage for you.

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    I purchased several hundred dollars worth of food 4 or 5 years ago. There are several packages of granola that are extremely rancid, and the dumplings taste like a chemical factory. I would not even leave this stuff in the local food cupboard for the disadvantaged. there is a website I found called Pissed customer and I see several other similar complaints, most with no resolution. I don’t expect to get one either but will at lease try. On that same website there are several other reviews that are very positive, but a closer look reveals that they were ALL written within a few days of each other, probably by a corporate plant. Extremely disingenuous. I have already been ripped off by the One World Whey scam artist who also advertised on the Alex Jones show and sold a protein product that had only 20% of the advertised protein, and would do nothing to refund the folks who bought it. Companies like that one and e-foods should be exposed.



    Bought 4.5 years ago. Opened to sample and 1st 2 items bad. Called company and they said all warranties over 2 years are void!! If you have anything from them check it out now. IF it is still good eat ASAP because it probably won’t last. Don’t trust them. If they void warranties in the past, they can do it again.



    The food is bought has an expiration date of 2025 but recently I’ve been using it and the soups have hardened and darkened to where I am suspect if it’s gone bad. I called to ask and was told probably not and that no one has reported getting sick. What a lousy answer. I won’t buy anything else from this company.



    About 6 or 7 years ago I purchased $9000 worth of Freeze Dreid Foods from E-Foods Direct. I Wrongly Assumed that a Premium Supplier of Premium Priced Feeze Dried Foods would be pretty Tasty. WRONG !!!!

    After all of these years I deceided to Prepare two ro three of these Freeze Dried Food Meal Packets just to see what i had Purchased. I had Not Tried it or Tasted it before because after all it is EMERGENCY Food that a person would Only Cosume in an Emergency Situation.

    Well the Bottom Line is this. This EFoods Direct Food is just Horrible. Horrible Beyond Description. Nasty Taste, Awful, Horrible and the List of Description of this Food (Cannot) be Overemphacised. ((Do NOT Purchase this Food) from E-Foods Direct. Somebody up there has apparently NEVER Eaten the Crap that they Sell Online. I Honestly think I would have to STARVE to Death without being Able to GAG this stuff down.

    I do NOT have an Ax to Grind but I am only Speaking the TRUTH.

    I am Supprised that there is not a Class Action Law Suit on this Food Product.

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Quick Summary

eFoods Direct is a conservative, patriotic company that ranks high in honesty and ease-of-use. Most of the food is dehydrated and is manufactured by Food For Health International. eFoods Direct packages its food in cool green totes, which makes its product visually different from the rest of its peers.

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