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Eat freeze-dried “astronaut” food courtesy of NASA

If you want a free sample of astronaut food (or freeze-dried food as it is commonly known) then NASA is sponsoring an event just for you.

The only catch is you’ll have to eat it during a simulated, four-month trip to Mars, Mashable is reporting. Scientists will record the reactions of participants while they sample instant foods and foods with shelf-stable ingredients, the news organization reports.NASA-astronaut-food

The project’s goal is to see what foods people enjoy eating consistently. Participants will don space suits and live temporarily on a lava flow in Hawaii while researchers record their reactions to tasting typical NASA dishes, such as dried meats, according to Mashable.

If you want to apply, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in math, engineering, biological or physical sciences, or computer science, and you’ll need professional experience. You can’t be a smoker and you must speak English, according to Mashable. Participants will be paid $5,000 for the assignment so it’s not a bad gig.

Or, if you want to just pretend what it would be like to complete this NASA assignment, we recommend buying some freeze-dried food and watching a space-related movie such as Apollo 13 from the comfort of your own living room

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  1. Omienbt@yahoo.com


    Can not wait to try some

  2. Omienbt@yahoo.com


    Can not wait to try some on next camping trip

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