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Company Spotlight: Nitro-Pak

Nitro-Pak is one of the oldest and most respected names in the food storage business. Nitro-Pak was selling emergency food and supplies long before many of the current crop of resellers could even spell “freeze dry”, and the company is the epitome of the phrase “old school.”

review of nitro pakFounded in the mid-1980’s in Heber City, Utah, Nitro-Pak has been helping people get prepared by offering good prices and solid products. This is a no-frills operation that doesn’t spend millions of dollars on celebrity advertisers, whose fees ultimately end up in higher prices for consumers.

Also, Nitro-Pak is not just a transactional middleman who simply throws up an ecommerce website and outsources fulfillment and customer service. They have 50,000 products in stock and run their business with real people who are real employees.

But perhaps the thing we love most about Nitro-Pak is their low-price guarantee. If you buy something and see it priced lower somewhere else, they will match the price. It’s pretty difficult to go wrong when the company is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

We have reviewed the Nitro-Pak Platinum Reserve Unit and gave it some of the highest scores of any of the products we reviewed. Let us know what you think of Nitro-Pak and it’s products. You can also visit the site and start shopping now.


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