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Company Spotlight: Food For Health International

Today, we spotlight one of the food storage industry leaders: Food For Health International. Food For Health is unique in the food storage world because it is an actual manufacturer of food rather than a just pure-play reseller. Since 2004, Food For Health has been making many of the freeze-dried and dehydrated items you find in other food storage companies’ offerings.Food-for-health-food-storage

One of its early claims to fame was the “Costco bucket.” This bucket was an instant hit because it was easy to store, contained a lot of calories, and had a very attractive price point. Plus, its placement inside of one of America’s most popular big-box stores turned the product into a best seller. Today, you don’t need to go to Costco to get the Food For Health food storage bucket. You can buy it online here.

Lately, Food For Health has been making inroads with non-traditional food storage outlets. Jim Bakker has been reselling Food For Health buckets and Insta Fire has partnered with the company to market its popular fire starter product. Food For Health is continuing its reputation as one of the most trusted and innovative food storage companies.



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