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How To: Lion Energy L-1500 Generator EMP Bag Video Tutorial

EMP Bag Tutorial

The Lion Energy L-1500 Fuel-less, solar power generator has gained a lot of popularity since it was released last year. And since then, Lion Energy has developed a suite of useful accessories to protect and extend your generator investment. In this video tutorial, we’re talking about the Lion Energy EMP bag. What’s an EMP bag? […]


Fuel-less, Solar Power Generators: Top 3 Review (VIDEO)

3 fuel-less generators

There are several options on the market for fuel-less, solar power generators. Companies like Goal Zero and Lion Energy (formerly Humless) have been around for a few years and continue to push the boundaries when it comes to bringing personal solar power to the masses. And there are relatively newcomers, like Solutions from Science, that […]


Cascadia Fault Line Earthquake Prediction – Cause for Concern?

2011 Japan Tsunami

Are Seattle, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest really facing a catastrophic event?   You’ve probably read in the news lately about “The Really Big One” — the earthquake and subsequent Tsumani that’s being predicted to pound the Pacific Northwest along the Cascadia Fault Line sometime in the next 50 years. At least for me, I’ve […]


How to Prepare for a Man-Made Natural Disaster: North Salt Lake, Utah Landslide

North Salt Lake Utah Landslide

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, came the sound at the front door. “You have to evacuate immediately,” said a stern looking policeman as I opened the door. “The side of the hill is unstable, and we are worried about breaking gas lines,” he continued. Suddenly, the landslide that had taken out the house at the top of […]


Preparing For A Tornado


***UPDATE*** F4 Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma with winds up to 200 miles per hour devastate Oklahoma City area. This week we have seen the incredible power of tornadoes as a string of the powerful storms cut their way across the Midwest. One of the storms killed a man in Shawnee, Oklahoma while another in Wichita […]


Banking Debacle In Cyprus Illustrates The Need For Financial Preparedness


At the Food Storage Reviewer, we mainly discuss preparedness in terms of food, water, and other supplies. The reason is we are mostly concerned with natural disasters that can cut off the supply of life-sustaining goods and services. But what about man-made natural disasters? If you have been following the news recently you have no […]


California Earthquake Authority Recommends Having a Two-Week Supply of Food Storage


We always get a smile on our face when we see government agencies finally recognize what preppers and ordinary citizens with common sense have known for years. In the latest case of “government doesn’t always know what’s best, or is at least, late to the party” the California Earthquake Authority recommends each citizen get at […]


Russian Meteor Proves You Have to be Prepared for the Natural and Unnatural


Ok, technically a meteor is a natural occurrence. However, when most people think of natural disasters a meteor from outer space is not usually on the list. Rather, things such as tsunamis, hurricanes, ice storms, fires, etc. are the disasters most people prepare for. So how in the world would you get prepared for a […]


What the Mayan NON-Apocalypse Should Teach Us


Well, I am still alive. I guess the day isn’t over yet so I shouldn’t count my chickens until they hatch. But I have a hunch we aren’t going to experience any Armageddon-esque tragedies today. And for the record, the Foodstoragereviewer predicted nothing would happen many, many times. So a lot of people will point […]


Learn More About Doomsday Preppers’ Sponsor Wise Company Food Storage


If you have seen the show Doomsday Preppers, which airs on the National Geographic channel, you may also be asking more questions about the show’s sponsor: Wise Company Food Storage. We have profiled Wise Food Storage on our site, and you can read about the company here. We also reviewed one of their most popular […]


Hurricane Sandy Has Potential to be a Major Storm


Most people liked the movie The Perfect Storm about a major North Atlantic weather event that broke records and launched the career of George Clooney. That storm happened back in 1991, and there is the possibility for another one to happen in the next several days. Hurricane Sandy is working its way through the Caribbean […]


Food Insurance Continues To Push the Advertising Boundaries


As I was flying on a Delta flight this week, I picked up Sky Magazine and started thumbing through it. On the back inside cover, I found an advertisement from Food Insurance. The tone of the ad was much different from their usual fare, but it still drove home the point that you have to […]


Another natural disaster brewing in Japan?


We all know what happened last year during the terrible tsunami that hit Japan. Although not as devastating as the tsunami that wiped out coastal areas in the Indian Ocean in 2004, the Japanese tsunami claimed more than 15,000 lives, caused up to $40 billion in damage, and gave the world a serious nuclear scare. […]


Hot weather and storms knock out power grids, disrupt supplies


The entire country has been experiencing unusually hot weather this year. It came to a head last week in the eastern part of the United States when triple-digit temperatures and very violent thunderstorms knocked out power for millions of residents. Power crews worked Monday to restore service to homes and businesses, and officials in some […]


What Good is Food Storage in the Event of a Fire?


Recently there has been a lot of coverage in the news about the horrible fires now burning in Colorado and several other states. This year’s incredibly hot and “rain-free” weather has produced a number of fires that are nowhere near being contained. A friend of mind pointed out that having a supply of food storage […]


LDS Church Builds Huge Food Storage Facility


A new 570,391-square-foot welfare facility built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will help the organization respond to disasters and take care of those in need. The Bishops’ Central Storehouse, located on 5405 West 300 South in Salt Lake City, is constructed on 35.88 acres and has the capacity to store 65,000 […]


Tropical Storm Alberto Kicks Off 2012 Hurricane Season


Tropical Storm Alberto hovered off the South Carolina and Georgia coasts this past Sunday, canceling tourist cruises, producing showers along the coast and serving as a reminder that the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season is just around the corner. The first storm of the season (that officially begins June 1) was not expected to approach landfall […]


How do I know how much food storage my kids need?


The average food storage company treats kids like they are simply half an adult. For example, a common way to package and sell food storage is to say it feeds a family of five. In reality this is just 3.5 adult servings. Two full servings for mom and dad, and three “half servings” for the […]


How to Store Your Food Storage: Use It Or Save It For Later?


One of the big questions in food storage is whether to buy a lump amount of food storage that you tuck away for an emergency or to buy extra food that you eat through and rotate. The answer really comes down to how much time and effort you want to put into managing your food […]


10 Impressive Doomsday Bunkers


It’s a well known fact that governments have been planning contingency plans in case of “worst-case” scenarios such as direct attacks on their governing facilities. The United States calls this their government continuity plan, and it provides a way for essential personnel to live through a natural or man-made disaster and keep the government functioning. […]


How long do you really need to “Cook” freeze-dried food?


It seems every marketing claim these days has to be just a little bit better than the claim before it. The workout 8-Minute Abs was replaced by 6-Minute Abs. 5-Hour Energy is surpassed by 6-Hour Energy. And the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has been condensed into just 3-4 things that are “essential” for […]


Are Natural Disasters Increasing?


Does it just seem like natural disasters are increasing, or are we just hearing about them more due to better and quicker communication? That’s the question many are asking as they try to make sense of a world that seems to be growing more violent. An Earthquake in Mexico Just yesterday (March 20), the U.S. […]


Doomsday Preacher Harold Camping Admits He Was Wrong


Do you remember when the world ended on May 21, 2011? No, of course not. What about October 21, 2011? Nope. Those were dates that California preacher Harold Camping had predicted that the world would end. In a letter to supporters, and from a story from CNN, Camping said, “We humbly admit we were wrong.” […]


How Could Iran Affect Food Prices?


Iran may be a world a way geographically, but the turmoil over its nuclear ambitions could hit you in your pocketbook. Even now, the threat of an Israeli strike on Iran has caused speculators to bid up the price of oil to almost $110 a barrel. I am sure you have noticed last time you […]