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Berkey Filters


Pueblo, Colorado

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Water filters

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Original manufacturer


About Berkey Filters

Berkey has developed a reputation for high quality among campers, backpackers, and emergency preparedness enthusiasts. Their filtration works through a combination of microfiltration, adsorption, and ion exchange. If you are interested in how water filtration works, Berkey has a great page dedicated to explaining the process, here. You can read all about adsorption, purification, and ion exchange.

Berkey has also intelligently organized its products to make them easier for consumers to understand. Each is differentiated by how many gallons per hour it can filter. The smallest, the Travel Berkey can filter 2.75 GPH. The Big Berkey can filter up to 7 GPH with two filters. The very biggest, the Crown Berkey, can filter up to 26 GPH. By limiting the number of products and simplifying the reason for buying (gallons filtered in one hour), Berkey makes buying a water filter very easy.

Berkey offers free shipping on orders over $50 inside the continental USA. The company has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and a two-year warranty on the purification elements and the housing units. Even more amazing, if you choose to register with Berkey, the company will replace the unit if it fails in any way due to workmanship or materials–for life!

Also, if you search for Berkey water filters on Google you may see some sites pop up that aren’t the actual company. A few resellers have been allowed to use url’s with Berkey’s name in it. For the actual company, just go to


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Berkey makes several sizes of high-quality water filters that are perfect for both home use and for emergency preparedness. Water filters are gravity fed and are distinguished by how much clean water they are able to produce per hour.

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