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Take a Closer Look at Food Insurance Emergency Food Storage Plans


Food Insurance emergency food storage is highly rated because of its quality, shelf life, price, and taste. Learn what’s new at Food Insurance / Daily Bread.


New Year. New Reviews. New Products.

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016. It’s hard to believe how fast 2015 went. Here at Food Storage Reviewer, we are going to start our 2016 food storage and emergency preparedness reviews soon. Each week we will profile a new company and give our unbiased opinion about the taste, quality, price, and other characteristics you need to know […]


How To: Lion Energy L-1500 Generator EMP Bag Video Tutorial

EMP Bag Tutorial

The Lion Energy L-1500 Fuel-less, solar power generator has gained a lot of popularity since it was released last year. And since then, Lion Energy has developed a suite of useful accessories to protect and extend your generator investment. In this video tutorial, we’re talking about the Lion Energy EMP bag. What’s an EMP bag? […]


Fuel-less, Solar Power Generators: Top 3 Review (VIDEO)

3 fuel-less generators

There are several options on the market for fuel-less, solar power generators. Companies like Goal Zero and Lion Energy (formerly Humless) have been around for a few years and continue to push the boundaries when it comes to bringing personal solar power to the masses. And there are relatively newcomers, like Solutions from Science, that […]


Cascadia Fault Line Earthquake Prediction – Cause for Concern?

2011 Japan Tsunami

Are Seattle, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest really facing a catastrophic event?   You’ve probably read in the news lately about “The Really Big One” — the earthquake and subsequent Tsumani that’s being predicted to pound the Pacific Northwest along the Cascadia Fault Line sometime in the next 50 years. At least for me, I’ve […]


5 Things to Know About the Jim Bakker Fuel-Less Generator From Lion Energy


**The New Generator from Lion Energy (Being Sold By Jim Bakker) is On Our Website For A Discount!** Jim Bakker has been selling a lot of fuel-less generators over the last several months. We know because many people have called in wanting to know more about the product and whether or not it is worth […]


Valley Food Storage Tries to Prove There is Room For One More In Competitive Food Storage Industry


After the explosion of emergency preparedness companies happened after Hurricane Katrina and through the many rounds of quantitative easing, some wondered if the industry had reached a saturation point. In a world once dominated only by Mountain House (Oregon Freeze Dry), there were now numerous competitors including Daily Bread, Emergency Essentials, Food Insurance, Augason Farms, […]


Wise Company Food Storage Rebuts Mountain House Long-Term Shelf Life Claims

Wise Food Storage

Last week, Wise Company Food Storage CEO Aaron Jackson released a letter addressing the claims made by Mountain House (Oregon Freeze Dry) that Wise Company is lying about the shelf life of its products. In case you didn’t know, Wise Company claims its food can maintain its nutritional content and freshness for 25 years–the same […]


Food Insurance Bug-Out Bags Are Tops for Emergency Preparedness

Potato Shreds

Food Insurance has long been one of the most innovative emergency preparedness companies. It was the first to combine popular food storage entrees and other a la carte items into easy-to-understand packages for the average food storage consumer. It was also the first to use mass market advertising to raise awareness of emergency preparedness. One of […]


Product Review: Travel Berkey Water Filter

Recently, the kind people at Berkey Water Filters gave me a Travel Berkey to test out. You can read the full specs and watch the video at the Berkey Filters website. I still maintain my high rating on Berkey Water Filter products and think they are a good choice for water filtration. Read below to […]


Presidents’ Day Sale – 10% Off Food Storage

President's Day Sale

10% off your entire purchase at FSR – Complete your purchase by Saturday 2/21/15! Presidents’ Day is February 16, 2015, a day traditionally set aside to observe our Founding Father’s birth. Did you know that George Washington was once strapped for cash during his presidency? It’s true. According to the nonprofit Mount Vernon: “In order […]


Food Insurance Creates New Packages and Purchase Options

Food Insurance

Food Insurance has long been one of our favorite suppliers of food storage. The company revolutionized the food storage industry with its easy-to-understand packages and its use of celebrity endorsers (Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity). Recently, the company has added several new products that are designed to make it even easier to get prepared. 12-week […]


Food Storage Black Friday & Holiday Deal Round-up

round up

Ever feel overwhelmed with all of the upcoming holiday sales and last minute shopping to get done? Between getting gifts for family and friends, preparing meals, and making sure you are prepared for the winter months ahead at a reasonable price can be a lot to juggle. We feel it too, and to make your […]


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Abound at Food Storage Reviewer

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Huge Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on food storage. Free Shipping, free products and 20% off on exclusive FSR combo packs.


Nitro-Pak & Mountain House Food Storage Review [VIDEO]

Nitro-Pak is one of the most respected companies in the emergency preparedness industry. They’ve been around for decades. This video is a review of two of their most popular products–the Platinum 1-Year Food Supply and the Ultimate 1-Year Food Supply–both of which contain Mountain House brand freeze-dried food. This video was created as a follow-up […]


Nitro-Pak Emergency Food Storage Review: Platinum and Ultimate Food Reserve

Nitro-Pak Ultimate One Year

One of our favorite companies to review is Nitro-Pak. Nitro-Pak is one of the oldest emergency food supply companies, having been founded in 1985 in Heber City, Utah. Nitro-Pak has what we consider a “no frills” approach to food storage, offering products that are intelligently packaged at a great price. You can read our company […]


What You Should Do to Prepare for an Ebola Epidemic

Ebola Virus

Ebola has been in the news a lot lately. In fact, just yesterday the first Ebola victim in the Unites States died. Thomas Eric Duncan, a 42-year-old man from Liberia, passed away in a Dallas medical isolation unit at Texas Presbyterian Hospital. In Africa, the virus has already killed 3,800 people causing widespread panic. So […]


Orca 120 Water Tank Review [VIDEO]

We recently wrote up a review on the Orca 120 Water Tank. It’s a beast with a 120 gallon water capacity, a large lid for easy filling, and two small openings near the middle and the bottom which both accept a standard garden hose or a spigot (included). These are great features for filling up a small bottle, or for easy draining.


Product Review: Orca 120 Gallon Water Tank by Emergency Reserve

Orca 120 Water Tank

Clean water is the most important thing to have in an emergency. Humans can only go a few days without water, and infected water can cause a host of health problems and even death. It’s no surprise then that the average human in a first-world country uses 80-100 gallons per day. Of course, a lot […]


What to Know Before You Buy Jim Bakker Morningside Gourmet Meals Time of Trouble


Earlier this year we posted about Jim Bakker and his emergency food offerings (Five Things You Should Know About Jim Bakker Food). Recently, we have seen a new line of products from Jim called Morningside Gourmet Meals. These meals come in square green totes in increments of one, two, and seven years. Here is what […]


How to Prepare for a Man-Made Natural Disaster: North Salt Lake, Utah Landslide

North Salt Lake Utah Landslide

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, came the sound at the front door. “You have to evacuate immediately,” said a stern looking policeman as I opened the door. “The side of the hill is unstable, and we are worried about breaking gas lines,” he continued. Suddenly, the landslide that had taken out the house at the top of […]


Survival Life Offers Practical Survival Skills and Gear

Survival Life

Recently we’ve been asked what we think about the website Suvival Life (survivallife.com). At first glance, the website overpowers you with ads, blogs, news, and products that cover almost the full spectrum of survival topics. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to see how each section is organized. If you want to learn […]


Freeze-Dry Foods of Canada Buys Daily Bread and Food Insurance

Freeze Dry Foods

Freeze-Dry Foods, a Canadian company based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, has recently purchased Daily Bread and its subsidiary, Food Insurance. Freeze-Dry Foods has been a long-time supplier of food components to Daily Bread, and the acquisition makes good sense. Freeze-Dry can now move down the chain and control the distribution of its products as well […]


What the Recent Tornadoes Teach Us About Owning a Water Filter


After a relatively quiet 2013, there has been an uptick in tornado activity recently across the midwestern and southern states. Just last month, severe storms in the South and Midwest killed at least 35 people, including 15 in Arkansas. For those unfamiliar with tornadoes, they can strike any time of the year, but general have […]